our design approach

Hire Plants work alongside designers, facilities managers, and direct clients to design effective and sustainable uses of plants in a wide range of environments.

Groupings for impact

Uniformity for structure

Lush foliage for relaxation

Large features to impress

Plants for tight spaces

A range of styles and effects can be created with the use
of plants and choice of containers.

We start by understanding the purpose of an area, then tailor the use of plants to suit the functional, visual and human needs. Our planting solutions are designed to be appealing & sustainable over time. We match plant recommendations to the conditions; light, temperature, humidity, and airflow.

plantscapes with purpose

Different spaces call for different considerations and design priorities:

Office design considerations:

  • Maximising enjoyment and visibility of plants through placement.
  • Support flow, layout and partitioning and different activity zones.
  • Plant choices that suit office conditions and service frequency.
  • Designed to be maintained without disruption.

what can plants bring to your space?

In our modern lives and environments, we need and respond positively to nature around us. Plants support our mental and physical health, and make us more productive and happy.

free design guide resource!

Need some pointers and practical considerations about plants in different situations, environments and purposes? Request our free design guide.

Our design guide covers:

  • Biophilia
  • Using plants in commercial interior design
  • Elements of good planting design

No obligation site visit + complimentary design service.

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